Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

A year after lye attack on her face, Rev. Alexandra counts her blessings

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Click below to hear the episode:

AlexandraAlexandra Dyer, a Roman Catholic woman priest, lectors at a July liturgy at St. Praxedis Roman Catholic Church in New York City. In her former day job as the head of an NYC non-profit arts organization, Rev. Alexandra uncovered malfeasance, prompting the embezzler to hire a young man to throw industrial drain cleaner in her face as she walked to her car. Both criminals are now serving time on Rikers Island, and Alexandra has been busy healing. She recounts how, along that process, she had a spiritual experience which solidified her already strong faith.


Here’s a link to the Reasonably Catholic episode featuring Alexandra’s ordination. In the photo below the Rev. Gabriella Velardi Ward is among those ordaining Alexandra Dyer:



Gabriella blesses Alexandra

An interview with Rev. Gabriella Velardi Ward:


Photojournalist Judith Levitt, who creates portraits of Roman Catholic Women Priests looking “like little Popes,” as below, discusses her art

Bishop Patricia Fresen. Photograph by Judith Levitt

Bishop Patricia Fresen. Photograph by Judith Levitt







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