Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

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‘An obligation to do something about this dysfunctional, corrupt clerical system’

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Sr. Christine Schenk is the author of Crispina and Her Sisters: Women and Authority in Early Christianity, the result of her arduous digging into the archeological record of women’s leadership roles, including preaching, in the 2nd through 6th centuries.

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Sr. Christine also is the now-retired founding director of the progressive Catholic organization FutureChurch — — an international coalition of parish centered Catholics working for full participation of all Catholics in the life of the Church. She led the organization from 1990-2013 and worked to transform a diocesan network of 28 parish councils and 100 parish leaders into an international organization of over 3500 parish-centered activists reflecting the values of Vatican II. A Sister of St. Joseph, Sr. Chris formerly worked as a nurse midwife in Cleveland for 20 years.

Additionally, she is featured in the documentary film, Radical Grace. 

In a recent appearance on NPR, she discussed the abuse of sisters by clergy: