Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

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Everybody dance now! … Well, not everybody …

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Today, we consider one Catholic high school’s decision to show no mercy when it comes to girls taking girls to the prom. The all-girls Mercy High in Middletown, CT, landed  in the news recently when a student circulated an online petition seeking to take a girlfriend to the prom, which is scheduled for the end of this month. Though the administration compelled the petitioner to withdraw her demand, the repercussions linger on. We’ll talk with three people who favor lifting the ban on same-sex prom attendance: Victoria Scott, a Mercy High alum now studying at SUNY who’s taken up the cause; Maryann Duddy-Burke,  executive director of the organization Dignity, which serves LGBT Catholics; and Jim Bransfield, lifelong Middletown resident who covers sports and writes a popular column for the Middletown Press. Jim, who happens to be gay, devoted a recent piece to the controversy.