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Following Jesus as a Secular Progressive: a believer and non-believer discuss KrizTom KrattenmakerClockwise from upper left: Christian author Tony Kriz of Portland, Ore.; secular author and USA Today Religion in Public Life columnist Tom Krattenmaker; moderator Matt Croasmun, director of Research & Publication, Yale Center for Faith & Culture and staff pastor of Elm City Vineyard Church; and Chris Stedman,  author and executive director of the Yale Humanist Community, who introduced the event.

Chris StedmanMatt Croasmun

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The event, held in a packed auditorium at Yale in late April, was hosted by the Yale Center for Faith & Culture, Yale Humanist Community, and Elm City Vineyard Church, among other organizations.
It was a compelling dialogue between two friends, secular author and USA Today Religion in Public Life columnist, Tom Krattenmaker, and Christian author and speaker, Tony Kriz. The questions on the table: Can a non-religious person follow Jesus? What would it look like to build a life around following Jesus?
The organizers’ stated aim was “to break down divisions that make Jesus the exclusive property of religious people and open up space for an ‘interfaith’ conversation about what it might look like to cultivate a flourishing life shaped by Jesus.”
Special thanks to moderator Matt Croasmun, Director of Research & Publication at the Yale Center for Faith & Culture and staff pastor of Elm City Vineyard Church for providing the audio, as well as photos. As you’ll hear, Matt played a big part in making the event as lively and thought-provoking as it was. One of his questions: “What does Jesus save us from and what does he save us for?”

The second half of the conversation will air on July 7.

See the video of the event:

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“Normalizing religion” at Wesleyan: a faith-sharing experiment

Rev. Tracy Mehr-MuskaLydia OttavianoWesleyan Protestant Chaplain Rev. Tracy Mehr-Muska and Interfaith Council member Lydia Ottaviano, a Wesleyan junior. Both are leaders of a faith-sharing experiment on campus in which students attended the services and meetings of differing religious communities. The goal is not only to forge links among the various faiths, but to make it easier for believers to feel comfortable sharing that aspect of themselves on a campus that has more students identifying as “nones” — having no religion — than the national average.

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“My Gay Son’s Wedding” at the Episcopal Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford

Jeffrey and SalPlaywright/Director Jeffrey Kagan-McCann, author of the romantic comedy “My Gay Son’s Wedding,” with one of the play’s lead actors Sal Uccello.

The Hartford premiere of the play runs June 10th through June 13th at Christ Church Cathedral 45 Church Street, Hartford, CT. Find info at