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‘Our Faith Calls Us To Do This’: sanctuary churches and a new Catholic youth resistance movement

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Meriden UUChrisHale

Rev. Jan Carlsson-Bull, minister of the Unitarian Unitarian Church in Meriden, and Diane Szymaszek, of the church’s Chalicelight Sanctuary Team, are providing sanctuary to an Indonesian man who is at risk of being deported despite having lived and worked in the United States for 30 years. Info at 

Christopher Hale, executive director of the Washington, DC.-based Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, recently launched The Francis Project, a rapid response movement for Catholics under 40 which is intended “to disrupt and rebuild.” Find details at


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Coupla Guys Sittin’ Around Talkin’ About Pre- and Post-Vatican II Catholicism and where we go from here

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troywesuAtty Dick Troy and Dr. Bart Troy, brothers raised in Melrose, Mass., reflect on their Catholic upbringing, the changes wrought by the Second Vatican Council, and where they think the Church should go from here.

After the interview, they treated the host to Thai ice cream on Main Street in Middletown: