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Christmas bells and whistles

The music on yesterday’s show was from two of the Passionist Community’s CDs:

“Here in the Heart of the Lord” (instrumentals)


“Every Knee Shall Bend: Music for Advent and Christmas”

(The music on the previous show was from the above two and one more, “Between Heaven and Earth.”)

These CDs and others are available as thank-you gifts for pledging $25 or more to WESU-FM. Just go to And on behalf of the station which makes Reasonably Catholic possible, thanks!


Here’s the link to the LA Times story, mentioned yesterday, about the young man in Ohio who’s been refused confirmation for supporting same-sex marriage.,0,6040864.story


And finally, a picture of my Aunt Rosina. God rest her soul.

Rosina small

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Put your Catholic Guilt to Good Use: Pledge a gift to WESU!

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Mark Silk, director of Trinity College’s Center for Religion in Public Life:

“The last time we talked, I said if you tell me how the Catholics voted, I’ll tell you who was elected president.”

Was he right?

Prof. Silver returns to Reasonably Catholic to analyze the election results.

Prof. Mark Silk, director of the Leonard Greenberg Center for Religion and Public Life at Trinity College

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Passionist Community music CDs

Passionist Community music CDs

Three issues of Today's American Catholic

Three issues of Today’s American Catholic

Books by pioneering Catholic feminist Rosemary Radford Ruether

Books by pioneering Catholic feminist Rosemary Radford Ruether