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Jamie Manson on “The Church and Young Catholics”

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Jamie Manson

Jamie L. Manson received her Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School
where she studied Catholic theology. Her weekly column, Grace on the Margins,
appears in the National Catholic Reporter. As a lay minister, she has served
two Manhattan churches in the roles of director of faith formation and as director
of social justice ministries. In both churches she worked extensively with New
York City’s GLBT community as well as the homeless population.

div_students_for_blogHarvard Divinity School students Sarah Politano, left, and Carol Filip

One thought on “Jamie Manson on “The Church and Young Catholics”

  1. Jamie Manson is such an inspiring speaker, especially when she talks about the future of the Catholic Church and the younger generations response to it. I wish more progressive Catholics were focused on this issue and the struggles younger Catholics are going through. Support needs to be built for this forward looking approach. Jamie Manson is a very effective advocate for the future of the Catholic Church.

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