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Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels

Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels; I think I keep a dozen of them busy! The following wisdom about guardian angels comes from Reasonably Catholic’s official chaplain Fr. John Baptist Pesce:

Angels: these invisible, spiritual beings who are messengers sent by God to God’s people are a symbol of God’s transcendence and loving care for the people. They feature quite prominently in the history of the Chosen People (e.g., the book of Tobit). Today, we pay tribute to those heavenly messengers who can be seen as an expression of the divine solicitude to protect and accompany us on our earthly pilgrimage.

Pious Catholic belief—without it being defined as a dogma—maintains that God has assigned for our protection a messenger from heaven to accompany us. This may be another way of expressing that we are never alone but that God always accompanies us and we can rely on divine help.

Some of you may have been taught by sisters who advised you to move over a little in your chair to make room for your guardian angel. The lesson behind it has value. God is with us and angels are that symbol of the divine presence and concern. Angels may well come to us in human form as they did to our foremothers and forefathers in the history of the Hebrew.people.

Sometimes in certain cultures or among certain ethnic groups when someone does a good deed to another, the recipient of that benefaction says of the other, “What an angel you are!”…Which reminds us that we are to be the signs of God’s presence among his people. Not a wasted reflection to make on this feast day of the Guardian Angels.