Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

Passionist Fr. John Baptist Pesce, 1923-2018


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fr john4fr john11

Small photo, upper left: Father preparing for daily Mass with his faithful acolyte Evelyn Benoit, who is featured in the episode. 

Father John, the beloved rabble-rousing Passionist priest who preached daily Mass and led retreats at Holy Family Monastery and Retreat Center in West Hartford, was the inaugural guest of “Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith” in 2012 and an occasional guest since then.

He valued the laity and ended every homily with this reminder of our sacred role and responsibility: “Will the Church please stand?”



2 thoughts on “Passionist Fr. John Baptist Pesce, 1923-2018

  1. Exquisite distillation of years of interviews and conversations, Maria. (I wish I had quoted a couple quotes that were especially meaningful to him.) I love the photos of him. The last time I took him out to dinner, he wore that crazy white and black squigglies shirt. He was truly a delight and an amazing human being and priest. Certainly left a vast space.

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