Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

Keeping the faith? Post-Pennsylvania, that’s a tough one …

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Click below to hear the episode:

The episode began with a brief interview with a married couple, Jane and Bill, who asked that their last name not be shared. Catholic for 60-plus years, they left the church in reaction to a previous scandal and are not members of any other denomination.

Msgr. Ken Lasch is a New Jersey canon lawyer and longtime champion of church sexual abuse victims. Challenging the church has resulted in his suffering from post traumatic stress disorder as well as the friendship of many of his fellow priests. He is calling for a grand jury to be empaneled in every diocese in the country “to bring the church to its knees.” He writes at

Deb Rose-Milavec is the executive director of FutureChurch. Having labored in the thankless fields of church reform for years, she considers the Pennsylvania report to be the fruit of many good Catholics’ hard work and “a pivotal moment” for the church. The bishops, she says, “are in so much trouble now, they cannot go on with business as usual.” The organization’s website is

The text of Pope Francis’ Monday letter in reaction to the Pennsylvania revelations:

Pope addresses latest sexual abuse claims in letter: read full text

In happier Catholic news:

Sister throws perfect pitch

Congratulations, Sister Mary Jo Sobieck! In a rough week, you gave Catholics a reason to smile!

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