Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

On ‘having a soul and being true to it’– writer Blanche McCrary Boyd’s moral journey

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Blanche BoydWriter Blanche McCrary Boyd has just published Tomb of the Unknown Racist, her third novel in a trilogy; the other two books are The Revolution of Little Girls and Terminal Velocity. Reared in the segregationist South, Boyd says she faced a terrifying choice between her conscience and her family, a conflict that informs her work. All fiction is moral fiction, says the longtime Connecticut College professor, whether its author is aware of it or not, since not to take a stand is to take a stand. In our interview, as in all her writing, starting with her 1980s book of essays,  The Redneck Way of Knowledge, Boyd proves to be both funny and deep. She’s frank about, among other subjects: her recovery, through AA, from drugs and alcohol; and about overcoming her own homophobia regarding whether lesbians can be suitable mothers of sons.

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