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Inspired church art, made by atheists with love

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Apologies for posting this late! It’s been in draft form for months! Thanks, Holly, for bringing it to my attention!

Since we’re talking, be sure to tune in on Tuesday, 8/21, when we deal with Pennsylvania sexual abuse revelations and the burning question: What’s a Catholic to do?

Click below to hear this episode about church art made by atheists with love:

Holly and DanaDana amid CDs

Top photo: painter Holly Whiting, left, and woodworker Dana Scinto were commissioned to create art for St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in West Simsbury, CT. Lower photo: Dana takes in the CD collection at WESU.

Holly created 14 paintings depicting the Stations of the Cross.  Father Michael Whyte, the pastor, instructed her to avoid tidying up the violence of some scenes so that parishioners will realize how much Christ loves them.


Dana not only carved symbols of the seven sacraments into the front of the presider’s chair, but volunteered to carve the back, as well. She also carved the small table next to it in the sanctuary. Father Michael was adamant, says Dana, that the chair not be referred to as a “throne,” since he is not a king.

Fr. Michael WhyteTo Father Michael, the previously unadorned interior of St. Catherine of Siena parish resembled a hangar more than a church. He raised the money to commission the art and also enlisted volunteer help.

The church is located at 265 Stratton Brook Rd, West Simsbury, CT.

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