Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

What He Learned About Life as a ‘Fake Catholic’

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Today’s episode is a lecture writer/editor Rand Richards Cooper delivered in April at Fairfield University, It’s titled “Confessions of a Catholic Interloper: From Sister Thomasina to Martin Scorsese.” Though Rand writes for the Catholic journal Commonweal, he is not Catholic. From his school days on, he’s had a foot in both the Catholic and Protestant worlds, and he brings the insights he gained, as well as some literary examples, to bear on what it all means.

Rand has written short stories and two novels, one of them produced for television. He also is an award-winning writer for Bon Appetit magazine. His latest project is a regular feature in Hartford Magazine called “In Our Midst,” about people, places and ideas in the Hartford area. “It will range widely — arts, politics, sports, business, culinary life, design, fun things to do, lovely things to see, track-downable curiosities, oddball amusements, challenging projects.” You can find the first of his columns, about a miniature golf course in Canton, here:

Rand delivering the 11th annual Commonweal lecture at Fairfield University:

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