Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

What he saw at a conservative Catholic gathering at the Trump Hotel; plus, a visionary gets his due

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John GehringJohn Gehring, Catholic program director for the DC-based Faith in Public Life, a strategy center for the interfaith community, attended a $1,250-a-plate gathering of conservative Catholics at the Trump Hotel in DC. He brought back a full report for The Washington Post and talks about it in the episode. Here’s a link to the Post piece:


msgr ryanart m picMsgr. John Augustine Ryan was ahead of his time in calling for social reforms that became part of FDR’s New Deal. In writing a book about Msgr. Ryan, Arthur Meyers, retired director of Middletown’s Russell Library, is making it his mission to bring the good padre to a wider audience. 


heart book coverconfessions-coverIf You Lean In

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