Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

Part II of radio host/columnist Colin McEnroe on his developing Christian faith

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Click below to hear the episode:


Colin show logoColin headshot IIIn the second of two episodes, WNPR radio host and Hartford Courant columnist Colin McEnroe tells how the inspired founder and pastor of Riverfront Family Church in Glastonbury, CT, the Rev. Nancy Butler, is encouraging him along the Christian path — and wishes he’d hurry up about it — as she deals with the ravages of ALS.

Colin had only the sketchiest of religious upbringings (when, as a boy, he asked his parents to bring him to church, they dropped him off there and went home) but now he rarely misses a service and he even belts out the songs! Going to church nourishes him, he says, like nothing else.

Click below to find Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1838 Harvard Divinity School address, considered one of the best commencement speeches ever. Colin read it to Nancy, pausing as they unpacked a phrase here and then — she said she agreed with every word — then he cried on his drive home.





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