Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

Mother Teresa, Mother Angelica, and more

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Mother Teresamother angelicaMattSchmalz_for_blog

College of the Holy Cross Prof. Mathew Schmalz, who spent time with Mother Teresa’s missionary sisters in India and met her in the South Bronx, reflects on her life and work in light of Pope Francis’ recent announcement that he will canonize her in September. He also considers another powerful nun, the late EWTN founder Mother Angelica; as well as what will become of Crux, the Boston Globe’s discontinued experiment in Catholic coverage, now that it’s hitched its wagon to the conservative Knights of Columbus; and finally Mat’s recent trip to Brigham Young University where the subject was heaven.

Mat’s latest book, Mercy Matters: Opening Yourself to the Life-Changing Gift, will be out in the first week of May and is already available on Amazon.

Congratulations, UConn women, Coach Auriemma, and your entire amazing program on your historic achievement! We’re so proud of you!



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