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On Livin’ the Dream: The Theology of Joy and the Good Life

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The philanthropic John Templeton Foundation, which has a record of funding all manner of inquiries into life’s big questions, has awarded a $4.2 million grant to the Yale Center for Faith & Culture for a three-year investigation into the Theology of Joy and the Good Life. Our guests are Matt Croasman, right, who is director of research and publication of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture, as well as one of the founding shepherds of the Elm City Vineyard Church in New Haven, and Tom Krattenmaker, a USA Today columnist and spokesman for Yale Divinity School.
Tom and Matt appeared previously on RC:KF, in two episodes comprising audio from a Yale event titled “Following Jesus as a Secular Progressive.” Matt was the moderator of a discussion between Tom, a secular humanist, and his friend Tony Kriz, a Christian. You can hear those episodes by clicking the links below:

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