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Toward women’s equality in the Catholic Church: beyond “complementary” roles

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Deb Rose-MilavecJust as spring is bursting out all around us, Deborah Rose-Milavec, executive director of FutureChurch, describes three hopeful moments for women in the Catholic Church, all of them thanks to a new atmosphere, created by Pope Francis, in which open discussion and disagreement are welcome:

* a meeting inside the Vatican walls at which an international panel — following the inspired lead of bishops of India — discussed the need to recognize women’s dignity and equality;

* a meeting in Ireland of priests and lay Catholic activists that was so moving, it brought several participants to tears;

* and Pope Francis’ decision to end the inquisition of American nuns.

Some good related links, courtesy of Deb: (part of homily by Archbishop Couto and Kerry Robinson’s remarks at Mass on March 8th Voices of Faith Event). (full transcript of Voices of Faith Event in Rome on March 8th) (Deb’s take on Limerick) (NunJustice statement on LCWR-CDF report) (good quotes on LCWR-CDF report) (great piece on the gender policy of the Catholic Church of India)

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