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Her religion is “Eclectic”: a chat with seeker and sage Patti Vassia

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PattiPatti Vassia, now retired after having held leadership positions at various Middletown, CT, non-profit organizations, is a spiritual seeker who has learned the value of both putting down deep roots in one place and of traveling widely. She talks about her spiritual journey, including:


… her achievement in 2013 of a lifelong dream of being rebaptized, this time by immersion. She is shown here being baptized by Pastor Andy Eiss at Fellowship Church in Middletown.

Patti also reflects on her trip last fall to Machu Picchu, another lifelong dream. The photo on the lower right is of Agosto, a wise and helpful guide at the site — he led her to the shady spot where she’s resting in the photo above the one of him. He declared Machu Picchu the center of the world, a place where “we are all one.”

Machu Pichu 1Patti at MPPatti at MP2Agosto

One thought on “Her religion is “Eclectic”: a chat with seeker and sage Patti Vassia

  1. Maria, the interaction between you and Patti Vassia was delightful, enlightening, present, and I hope you will have Patti again as a guest. Patti has so much to offer through the things she shares and the way she is in the world.

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