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Pope Francis to Cuba and U.S. nuns: Peace

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MattSchmalz_for_blogHoly Cross College Prof. Mat Schmalz unpacks Pope Francis’ involvement in the recent U.S.-Cuba thaw. The bottom line? This pope is hard to say no to.

Ann CareyAuthor and journalist Ann Carey, who’s written widely on the vicissitudes of American nuns and sisters, explains last week’s Vatican report about them — which may or may not be the Vatican report on U.S. religious women you were expecting — and which takes a markedly kinder, gentler tone toward them. Our interview with her — and her article here in The Catholic World Report  — lays out the whole shebang clearly:


Because you’ve been good, here’s a little sugarplum for you:

Pope Francis, At Christmas Gathering, Blasts Vatican’s Bureaucrats


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