Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

May I ask?

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Letting you know that in the next episode of “Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith,” on May 20, we’ll bring you to the  ordination in New York City of two women who are part of the underground but burgeoning Roman Catholic Women Priests movement. You won’t want to miss it!

And since we’re talking, may I ask: Where are you going to find programming like this, a religious discussion that goes beyond the official church press releases and takes you to where the church is actually heading, however slowly, haltingly, and, yes, sometimes, in the fashion of certain saints, disobediently?

So far this year, “RC:KF” has taken up: clericalism, that notion that clergy dwell on a higher plane than us; Catholic social teaching on taxes; how faith informs the Oscar-winning movies; what it’s like to be a gay seminarian in Rome; a US Congressman’s view of the wealth gap; and more. We even aired an April Fool’s Day Catholic Joke Show! (Warning: that one’s not for pious ears!)

Why not show your support for WESU-FM, the station which not only said yes when I broached the idea of a progressive-minded Catholic radio show, but airs it during drive time?!

Go to, click on donate, and give whatever you can to this amazing community-supported, shoestring-run radio station which, for 75 years now, has been making it its mission to air views and music heard nowhere else.

On top of the lovely thank-you gift you’ll get from the station, if you email me that you’ve supported “Reasonably Catholic,” I’ll send you a book donated and autographed by feminist theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether, the subject of the most recent “RC:KF” episode. Don’t delay, because when the books run out, you’ll have to make do with some inspirational CDs from my own collection, and I have really weird taste! 

Thanks so much in advance for helping!


PS There are so many ways to access “Reasonably Catholic” now:

* when it’s broadcast live over the air at Wesleyan University’s WESU, 88.1 FM, or rebroadcast a few days later on UConn’s WHUS, 91.7 FM;
* as it streams live at and;
* at your convenience by visiting WESU’s online archive at;
* by going to
* by searching the Pacifica network’s AudioPort at



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