Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

Knock over those pedestals: “We want our saints to look too pretty.” An exploration of holiness.

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saint of the dayMcCloskeyPatnewPat McCloskey, OFM, revised the latest edition of Saint of the Day (Franciscan Media). Find more — including a Saint of the Day app — at the website, Also see Fr. Pat’s article, “Pope Francis: Why the Name Fits”:

barbaraBarbara Pivarnik, who puts her Catholic faith in action by sitting with the dying and reaching out to prison inmates.

Fr. John bfast 1 smallFr. John bfast 2 smallReasonably Catholic‘s spiritual director, Fr. John Baptist Pesce, quoting St. Teresa of Avila: “When I pray, I pray. When I eat, I eat.” At the top of today’s episode, he shares some reflections on holiness and how he can recognize a “living saint.”

In the news:

pope francisBut perhaps a mixed blessing? Pope Francis calls the internet a “gift from God”:


Will he visit the U.S. in 2015?:

Phyllis ZaganoCongratulations! Hofstra University Prof. Phyllis Zagano, a National Catholic Reporter columnist and frequent Reasonably Catholic guest, wins a social justice award. The story and her acceptance speech can be found here:

Rosa at SOTURosa rocks! At the State of the Union address, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) reacts to President Obama’s call for equal pay for equal work for women.

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