Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith

“Mouthy Women of the New Testament”

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Joan-Kennedy_for_blogJoan Kennedy of Farmington, CT, holds a master’s degree in theology from Boston College. She gives presentations to parishes, retreat houses and spirituality groups. Her topic today: “Mouthy Women of the New Testament” and what we can learn from them. Send inquiries about her presentations to

Canaanite woman 2The Canaanite woman persists despite being harshly rebuffed by Jesus.

Woman-at-well-2_for_blogThe Samaritan woman at the well ignores social conventions and engages in conversation with Jesus, who ultimately reveals to her that he is the Messiah. She then converts her entire community.

Martha-and-Mary_for_blogMartha is busy in the kitchen; Mary sits at Jesus’ feet. Scholars differ about what the story signifies. Is Jesus affirming women’s non-traditional roles (of sitting like male Torah students at his feet) or dissing women who complain?

annunciationMary needs more information, please, before she’ll agree to bear God’s child.

Cana 2Then, at the Wedding at Cana, she presses her son into service —

over his objection.

St PaulSt. Paul may have been converted by Jesus, but he’s still a man of his patriarchal times and he had his good and bad days at his desk!

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